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Thursday Night Local Team Roping Event: Thursday, August 24th, 2017

Listed left to right: R.J. Chambers Champion Header, Brandi Hollis Champion Heeler, Alleigh Warnke Champion Header, Clayton Bacon Champion Heeler.

Listed left to right: R.J. Chambers Champion Header, Brandi Hollis Champion Heeler, Alleigh Warnke Champion Header, Clayton Bacon Champion Heeler.

  • Event starts at 6:00 pm
  • Contact Mike Brewer for more information 530-519-2587.

Maxx Kakl Motorsports Truck Pulls Event: Friday, August 25th, 2017

  • Friday, August 25th, Gates open 6:00 p.m, show starts at 7:00 p.m.
  • Ticket Price $5 (excludes fair admission)

On Friday, August 26, we are having tractor pulls. Before the event they are doing a local truck pull. Maxx Kakl Powersports is the promoter producing the event. Locals interested should fill out and submit the application below.

Maxx Kakl Powersports is the most premier tractor and truck pulling association on the West coast. Our association showcases the most aggressive form of competition of brute power and strength. The objective is to hook the vehicle to a weight transfer sled and pull as far as he or she can on a 300-foot track.

We offer seven of the most exciting classes in pulling.

Two Wild Mini Modified Classes

  • 2000 lbs naturally aspirated minis have 1000 Horse Power
  • 2050 Super Modified Minis having 2500 Horse Power

Both classes pulling a sled weighing 16,000 pounds.
Just a few of the tractors you will be seeing – Mini Mouse, Mighty Mouse, Bank Roller, Sharecropper, Mad Cow, We Be Baad, Dirt Duster, Diggin Dirt

Three Monstrous Modified Tractors

  • 5800 lbs modified tractors have 2000 Horse Power limited to a single engine
  • 7200 lbs modified tractor have 3000-5000 Horse Power with the option of up to two engines or one Allison aircraft engine
  • 8000 lbs modified tractors have 5000-7500 Horse Power with the option of three or four engines. All three classes pulling a sled weighing 60,000 pounds

Just a few of the tractors you will be seeing – Wild Thing, White Lightening, Bail Out, Skunkworks, Poly Thunder, Dueces Wild, The Whip, Mustang Fever, Semper Fi, Lights Out
Two of the 4-engine modified tractors Maxx Kakl and Get R Done

Modified 4 Wheel Drive

  • 6200 lbs Modified 4x4 have 1000-1200 Horse Power pulling a 60,000 sled.

Some of the trucks competing, Rat Patrol, Wild Hare, Yellow Fever, California Flash, Rags, Young Guns, Show No Mercy, Long Shot just to name a few.


Field stock appearing tractors weighing 9300 lbs with approximately 1300 Horse Power pulling a 60,000 sled.
Some of the competers – Bad Habit, Instigator, Green Adrelene, Power Trip just to name a few.
Also running 8000 lbs Diesel Trucks, 6000 lbs Super Stock Trucks, and 4500 lbs Country Modified Trucks.
It will be fun filled evening with exciting competition on two tracks.

Monster Truck Thunder!!!

Saturday, August 26th, 7:30pm

  • Tickets $7.00 (excludes fair admission)

Come experience the thrill with the Hollywood Daredevil team, and Car smashing Monster Trucks!

Saturday night, gates open at 6pm for a FREE VIP PIT PARTY (with general admission tickets), the action starts at 7:30pm!

Monster Trucks, Tough Trucks, Local Racers, A Monster Ride Truck, Fire, Explosions, and off the wall never seen before at the Butte County Fair, Daredevil Car Stunts!!!


Power Wheels Derby: "Pop the Balloons": Sunday, August 27th, 2017

  • Parents please have your child and Power Wheel Car at the Derby Car check in by 4:00 for check in.
  • This is for kids ages 3-7.
  • There is a $15 fee to enter. Must be paid in the Fair Office in order to Secure your spot.
  • Limited to the first 15 entries.
  • Derby is limited to 6 or 12 volt power wheel only.
  • No added reinforcement or modifications.
  • Stock tires only, no screws in tires, No Chains, Etc.
  • Do not raise or lower. Power Wheels must sit like it came from the store.
  • Stock battery can be replaced with 12 volt lawn mower battery. Batteries MUST be secured.
  • Helmets are mandatory, bicycle helmet is ok.
  • Seatbelts are recommended.
  • No Passengers.
  • A Release of Liability Waiver MUST be signed at Derby Car Check in time by 4:00

** Children in Power Wheel Cars will be Popping Balloons on Fellow Power Wheel Contestant Vehicle’s**

Everyone must pay Fair Admission & Derby Admission at the gate to enter the fairgrounds.

A parent must sign a Release of Liability Waiver at time of Check In.

Power Wheels will be checked in at the Derby Car check in line at 4:00 p.m., Sunday, August 27th. At that time the Derby Staff will take the contestants Power Wheel Cars and store them in a safe location. Parents and children are asked to sit in the Grandstand until the Power Wheel Derby begins. At that time the child, and parent will be asked to come out into the Grandstand Arena and get into their Power Wheel car. Once the Power Wheel event has ended the child will be escorted back to you outside of the Grandstand Arena.

For Questions in regards to the Power Wheel Derby please contact the Butte County Fair Office at 530-846-3626.

Power Wheels Derby

Destruction Derby: Sunday, August 27th, 2017

  • Sunday, August 27, Gates open at 5:00 p.m, Show starts at 6:00 p.m.
  • Tickets are $16.00 (excludes fair admission)

Sponsors have stepped forward to support the Destruction Derby!!

Added Monies are below. These are added to the original monies!!!

  • Full size main event 1st place winner $1,000 added Total winnings $3000
  • 1st place compact winner $200 added Total winnings $1000
  • 80’s or newer 1st place winner $200 added Total winnings $1000

New added this year – Bulldog Hit – The Bulldog hit …….
Bulldog 1st place full size winner $500
Best bulldog hit between $250
80’s or newer and Compact

Below are the 2017 new additional rules for the Destruction Derby!

  1. Homemade bumpers may be made out of 4” W x 6” H x ¼ inch mild steel square tubing, it must have open ends to see through. Bumper cannot go past the width of fenders, and must be square with no sharp points on the ends. You may put a point on the square tubing metal, must be ¼ inch flat plate. Measure from the center of the square tubing 4 inches out from the center of your starting point. The length of point may be maximum of 12 inches per side. Must have 2 holes drilled in it. The point must be hollow.
  2. Front bumpers may have two 12” L x 2” W x 3/16 inches thick flat strap. Straps must be vertical position and welded 3 inches to the core support to help hold the bumper on.
  3. 5 mph bumpers may be welded to the body up to 12 inches, ½ inch thick filler rod 2” 1/8 inch thick flat strap may be used, no added metal allowed.
  4. 2003 or newer Crown Victoria’s with aluminum cross member may weld in a cross member out of another factory car cross member to the frame with 1 pass on the weld with no filler rod no bigger than ¼ inch weld cross member may be used from other cars no bigger than 9 inches wide by 4 1/1 inches tall only be welded to inside of the frame rails not on bottom. Arm brackets may be welded on with no filler rod upper and lower A arm with ¼ inch weld. After market cradles are ok as long as they bolt in with 4 5/8 bolts with 2 inch washer and angle iron can only go more than ½ past bolt holes.
  5. 2003 or newer Crown Victoria’s weld or bolt in a cross member you get no frame repair at all.
  6. 2 bars from the halo bar may go behind the driver’s seat and must angle down towards the 3rd bar of the cage and only weld to the top of the 3rd bar and must be 2” x 2” x ¼ inch square tubing. (SAFETY)
  7. The window opening on the doors may be pinched and welded or you may use 2” x 1/8 inch thick flat strap to weld and fill the gap. If flat strap option is used you must drill a hole in it for the thickness to be measured.

For any questions regarding the rules of entry into the Destruction Derby, contact Bryce Matthews at 530-846-0392, or 530-218-1226

Derby Application