Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition provides an opportunity to enhance your personal development in the areas of poise, self-confidence, communication skills, and good sportsmanship. All contestants can enjoy participating in the event and receive a memento of the competition. It will be a memorable learning experience for those who challenge themselves by being a participant. The competition is not a beauty contest, but rather a program that fosters community service and personal development through the various areas of competition.

The program began around 1960 with the Golden Feather Girl. About 1966, the program name was changed to Miss Butte County. The program experienced many changes as society always does. During the 1990's the infamous "bathing suit" competition was removed as a phase of competition in hopes to change the façade of a "Beauty Pageant."

In 2004, the Butte County Fair Board voted to change the name of the program to mirror the California State program to "Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition."

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition consists of the following programs:

  • Miss Butte County Ages 17-21
  • Miss Teen Butte County Ages 13-16
  • Missette Butte County Ages 9-12

Each contestant is judged on personality in their interview, personal introductions (speech), talent and impromptu question. The Miss Teen and Miss divisions also have a community service requirement.

These young ladies who are selected to represent our great county of Butte as a titleholder, they have one year to wear their crown and experience personal growth like none other. During their reign as a Queen, 1st Runner-Up, or Congeniality, they have the opportunity to participate in community service activities while promoting the Program and the Butte County Fair. During these events, they will learn what it means to get their hands dirty, meet new people and grow into a more well-rounded individual.

The crown opens doors that would not be opened for them otherwise.

Brianna Brockman: Miss Butte County 2016

I always knew my Senior year of high school would be exciting, but I never imagined how. Eight years of service with the Miss Butte County Scholarship Program, and it’s all coming to a close with this final year, serving as your 2016-17 Miss Butte County. I could not have been more blessed.

I started my journey in 2009 as Missette Butte County, and my dream became to follow in the footsteps of my fellow royal court sister, Melissa Carr, and become a “triple crown winner.” I later achieved 2012 Miss Teen Butte County, and now, with this opportunity, I not only achieved my goal, but a dream.

I could never say enough about how amazing this year has been and will continue to be. From parade floats, tree lightings, and so many service opportunities, there is so much to do and experience. The people I have met, the things I have done, and the knowledge I have gained about my community cannot be rivaled. My personal favorite event has been the Butte County Historical Society Tea, where we as a Court served tea and lunch to the guests at the Ehman home in Oroville. Serving everyone and talking with the guests was so much fun, not to mention exploring the historic house.

And of course, there’s always the amazing people that I serve with. Melanie, Aricka, KG, and Trinity are all amazing girls and I love getting to call them my Court sisters. We are like family because of this program and that will continue even when our year ends.

As I always tell everyone, if you are even slightly considering competing in the Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition, do it. The friends you make and experiences you gain are so incredible. You won’t regret it.

Kirsten-Grace Baker: Miss Teen Butte County 2016

After running for Missette Butte County and winning back in 2011, I knew that I had to come back to compete for Miss Teen Butte County.  When I won this year, I was excited to have the opportunity to reach out in my community yet again.  This year has consisted of many engaging events that allow me to have fun and help others at the same time.  Personally, I enjoyed helping out at the Butte County Fair in the 3 days after I received my title.  People could see the immediate actions of our Royal Court, and we were able to help at the fair in any way we were needed.  I was able to help give kids a push to start a tricycle race, and it is always fun to see children who look up at us in awe.  For anyone considering competing, I definitely encourage it!  This program is such a life changing opportunity that improves people skills, poise, and confidence.  I’ve grown so much through this program, and I know I still have so much more to learn before my year as Miss Teen Butte County ends.

Melanie Cunningham: Missette Butte County 2016

Hello, my name is Melanie Cunningham and I am your 2016 Missette Butte County and Congeniality. This year has been a very busy and exciting year being a part of the Miss Butte County Royal Court. So far, this year we have done many community events together, learning together, helping others, and making new friends.

The fun all starts at the Butte County Fair where we get to help with fair duties, meet the community, and attend all the events. I also got the privilege to sing our National Anthem at the Destruction Derby! Since becoming Missette Butte County I have had the honor to attend several community events in our area such as the Special Olympics Basketball Tournament, The Concours d’Elegance, and Making Strides Breast Cancer Walk, where I again was able to sing the National Anthem. I love to sing and I am so thankful to the Miss Butte County Scholarship Program for the opportunity to follow my dreams. I am now able to stand in front of a crowd and speak and I am willing to walk up to new people and make friends.

I would like to encourage all the young ladies in Butte County to get and application for the Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition. Meet new friends, learn new things, help your community, and have some fun!

See you all at the 2017 Butte County Fair in August!

2016 Royal Court Winner Photo

2016 Royal Court
  • Miss Butte County -- Brianna Brockman
  • Miss Teen Butte County & Congeniality -- Kirsten-Grace Baker
  • Miss Teen Butte County 1st Runner Up -- Trinity Reynolds
  • Missette Butte County & Congeniality -- Melanie Cunningham
  • Missette Butte County 1st Runner Up -- Aricka Hickman