Extreme Destruction Derby


SATURDAY, AUGUST 27 | Gates Open at 6 pm, Starts at 7 pm

If cars crashing, motors revving and dirt flying gets your adrenaline pumping, then the Butte County Fair Extreme Destruction Derby is an event for you! Imagine cars smashing into each other on purpose! The derbies provide heart-pounding excitement. Mud will fly and cars will crash. This is a popular Butte County Fair event, so don’t miss out! There are still opportunities to participate as a driver or just come out to enjoy.


  • Power Wheels Derby (limit 20) 1st- Trophy, 2nd Trophy, 3rd- Trophy
  • Bash style class- One Shot 1st-$3,000, 2nd-$1,500, 3rd- $750
  • 80’s Chain Class- One Shot (limit 20) 1st-$2,000, 2nd-$1,000, 3rd- $500
  • Compact Class- One Shot (limit 20) 1st-$1,000, 2nd-$750, 3rd- $375