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Facility Rentals

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The Butte County Fairgrounds has the most affordable halls and spaces to rent for all your private events!

Weddings, Baptisms, Birthdays, Meetings, Conferences, you name it!

Looking to have a public or ticketed event?

Such as Concerts, Festivals, Truck or Car Shows, Flea Markets/Swap Meets?

Please call the office at 530 846-3626

Rental Conditions

It is the renter's responsibility to become familiar with all rental conditions. Renter will be held liable for all charges outlined in these general conditions.

  1. A guarantee deposit is required at time of application in order to hold the date and building. The deposit acts as a cleaning deposit. When the building is returned cleaned and no damage to the property occurred the deposit will be returned within 30 days.
  2. A security contract must be purchased 3 weeks prior to the event. A rental application needs to be filled out to determine the number of guards and the cost associated. The policy is 1 guard per 60 guests, a minimum of 4 hours when alcohol is being served. Security is to arrive 30 mins prior to the start of the event and stay until the end of the event, last to leave. *Please note : Our larger halls require a minimum of 5 security guards.
  3. Wristbands are now required for all events serving alcohol. The number of wristbands will be determined by your estimated attendance number on your application, and number of security guards.
  4. Additional amounts will be charged for any of the following: Extraordinary setup requirements (including labor and equipment); extraordinary cleanup requirements.
  5. Actual repair costs will be charged to responsible individual(s) for any damage to fair property.
  6. Following are the renter's responsibilities regarding cleanup: Tables must be cleaned after the event and returned to the racks. Chairs must be placed on racks and sorted by color, if applicable. Trash, garbage, etc. must be placed in appropriate containers outside the building as provided by the fair. The bar area must be cleaned and all alcoholic beverages removed at the conclusion of the event. Any necessary sweeping or mopping is the responsibility of the renter. The building is to be left as you found it.
  7. All rents are due and payable in advance.
  8. Trailer rentals and concession fees are due and payable within 48 hours after the event (with prior approval).
  9. Parking for the general public consists of street parking around the East Hazel Street loop. For large events the grass parking lot on East Hazel Street will be made accessible (with prior approval).


Renters must provide insurance. If needed, renters may purchase Special Events Insurance by contacting the Fair office at (530) 846-3626.



Expo Hall

  • Rental Fee $1130.00 Private Event
  • Public/Ticketed Events Rental Fee: Contact Office
  • Deposit: $500.00- $750.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 10,200
  • 178ft x57 ft
  • Seated Dining: 700
  • Meeting Room: 1,300
  • 5 Security guard minimum (alcohol events)
Butte Hall

Butte Hall

  • Rental Fee $940.00
  • Deposit: $500.00-$750.00
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • SQ. Footage: 4,320'
  • Seated Dining: 250
  • Meeting Room: 350
Jakes Stage.jpg

Jake's AKA Goldie's

  • Rental Fee $1130.00
  • Deposit: $500.00-$750.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: N/A
  • Seated Dining: 350
  • Meeting Room: 500
  • Only Open Late April-October (depends on weather)
  • 5 Security Guards minimum
Concession West

Concession Buildings

  • Rental Fee $550.00 for Private Event
  • Public Event Contact office
  • Deposit: $500.00
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • SQ. Footage: 1,056'
  • Seated Dining: N/A
  • Meeting Room: N/A


Swine Barn-Expo Plaza.png

Sheep Barn

  • Rental Fee $995.00
  • Deposit: $500.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 54' x 400'
  • Seated Dining: N/A

Beef Barn

  • Rental Fee $840.00
  • Deposit: $500.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 40' x 360'
  • Seated Dining: N/A

The Refuge

  • Rental Fee/Deposit: Call for rates
  • Kitchen: Yes
  • SQ. Footage: 600'
  • Seated Dining: 35
Carnival Lot2.png

Carnival Grounds

  • Rental Fee $795.00
  • Public/Ticketed Events Call Office
  • Deposit: $300.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 180' x 260'
  • Seated Dining: N/A

    No electricity provided.

Butte County Fair_2023-126.jpg

Courtyard Stage

  • Rental Fee $1160.00
  • Deposit varies
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 14' x 26'
  • Seated Dining: N/A

    Electricity provided

Rugby Field.png

Grandstand Arena (Non-Paid Admission)

  • Rental Fee $1000.00
  • Deposit: $500.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 130' x 260'
  • Seated Dining: 2145 + 580

Grandstand Arena (Paid Admission)

  • Rental Fee $4400.00
  • Deposit:$1000.00
  • Kitchen: No
  • SQ. Footage: 130' x 260'
  • Seated Dining: 2145 + 580