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Miss Butte County

Miss Butte County Scholarship Program: Empowering Youth Through Service

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Program is more than a competition; it's a transformative journey that empowers Butte County to become confident leaders and compassionate changemakers. Founded in the 1960s, the program has evolved to focus on developing essential skills that extend far beyond the stage.

Building Confidence and Skills:

Our program equips participants with a valuable toolkit for success. Through interactive workshops, we nurture skills in public speaking, interview techniques, resume building, and critical thinking. We cultivate leadership, poise, communication, and sportsmanship, preparing youth for the competition and life beyond.

Service Above Self:

Community service is at the heart of the Miss Butte County experience. Once crowned, our Royal Court proudly represents Butte County at approximately 40 events throughout the year. These experiences instill a spirit of giving back and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.

A Rich History:

The program began around 1960 with the Golden Feather Girl. About 1966, the program name was changed to Miss Butte County. The program experienced many changes as society always does. During the 1990's the infamous "bathing suit" competition was removed as a phase of competition in hopes to change the facade of a "Beauty Pageant.". To this day, the competition has no phases of competition that score on beauty.

In 2004, the Butte County Fair Board voted to change the name of the program to mirror the California State program to "Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition."

Betsy Oliver was a mom, director, and friend to Miss Butte County. After her passing in 2021, a special award named the Betsy Award was created in her memory. The recipients of this award are selected by their fellow contestants for being encouraging, supportive, humorous, inspiring, mischievous, warm, loving, genuine, exuberant, caring, a mentor, and a best friend.

In 2023, The Butte County Fair Board created a Miss Butte County Advisory Committee. This sub-committee serves to work alongside the director to create policy to ensure the safety and positive experience of all involved in the program.

2024 marked the beginning of a new journey with the creation of the Butte County Ambassador division for young men to have the opportunity to participate in addition to our miss categories. The Butte County Ambassador is a separate division, but the participants will work alongside the rest of the participants to learn, grow, and make a difference.

Join the Journey:

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Program offers a unique opportunity for youth to discover their potential and make a difference. Are you ready to embark on this empowering journey? Applications are available each spring with the 2024 applications open until June 28, 2024.

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Competition consists of the following programs:

Competition and Recognition at the Miss Butte County Scholarship Program

The Miss Butte County Scholarship Program is more than just a pageant; it's a journey of self-discovery and skill development. While preparing for the competition, contestants refine their talents and gain valuable experience that will benefit them throughout their lives. Here's a breakdown of the competition format and how contestants are recognized for their achievements.

Shining on Stage:

Contestants across all age competitive divisions (Ambassador, Missette, Teen, and Miss) will be judged on several aspects:

  • Resume: Showcasing their academic achievements and extracurricular involvement.
  • Interview: Demonstrating communication skills, confidence, and passions.
  • On-Stage Speech: Delivering a captivating speech on a topic of their choice.
  • Presentation of Skill: Sharing a unique talent or skill with the audience.
  • On-Stage Impromptu Question: Thinking on their feet and responding thoughtfully to an unexpected question.
  • Service Platform: Applicable to Miss and Ambassador contestants, participants demonstrate initiatives and plans to give back to Butte County whether through already developed acts of service or their own projects.

Adding a Touch of Fun:

  • Personal Introduction: Contestants will have the opportunity to introduce themselves on stage in a fun, creative way (not judged).

Celebrating Achievements:

  • Individual Category Awards: All contestants receive an award recognizing their highest scoring area.
  • The Betsy Award: A special recognition voted on by the contestants themselves, honoring the contestant in each age category who embodies the spirit of encouragement, humor, and genuine care – characteristics that exemplify the Miss Butte County experience.

Remember, while the competition is exciting, the true focus of the program is on personal growth, community service, and empowering youth to become the best versions of themselves.

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2023 Royal Court

Miss Butte County-Makayla Mellinger, Miss 1st Runner Up-Savannah Arcangeli, Miss Teen Butte County-Maizy Miller, Miss Teen 1st Runner Up-Gracie Yost, Miss Teen 2nd Runner Up-Maddie Garcia, Miss Teen 3rd Runner Up-Emily Danner, Missette Butte County- Josielynn Payan, Missette 1st Runner Up-Katherine Weiss, Missette 2nd Runner Up-Ava Cote